Start Your Story. Then Discover What You Know

by Ian

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While producing the last podcast episode I again had a wondrous experience, but this time it was the strongest that I’ve ever had.

As you know the last episode is all about the importance of listening, a topic I’m quite passionate about and one that I think I have some natural ability with but not something that I’m really aware of how I do. I know when it works and when it doesn’t but I’ve never really sat down to analyse It.

Like a House of Wax movie

Some of what I do with the skills I have

That was the task that I set myself for this episode, to understand what I do when I listen to someone and particularly, when it’s at it’s best. So I set about doing a little research on the topic for the post prior to recording. That was the first part of getting some ideas out of my head and it went quite well as I started to understand what is going on for me when I listen. But that was only the start.

When it came to recording I was shocked at what came out of my mouth. After having been considering the topic for several weeks and then writing the post what I said was so much more than I expected. I said things and clarified points that I wasn’t even aware that I had opinions on. It was as much of a revelation for me as I hope it will be for you, Dear Listener.

Once I finished recording it was time to edit and re-listen to the audio and I was then even more amazed, at how I had consolidated all my thoughts together, out of just a mass of random concepts that I had been carrying around for years.

This I’m sure is and will be the same for you as you work on your own Life Story project. You have all these ideas, knowledge and experiences in your head. You can write some notes and maybe even a few long essays but something amazing happens when you get into that space and start talking, especially if you’ll be doing it in conversation.

This is the same for many of the experiences and skills that we acquire during life. As another example here is a story of Joseph Yanuziello about making guitars but there is a mention at 3:35 where he mentions, when you know something you can relax and enjoy allowing it to be expressed.

Like me you may not as yet be entirely sure about all the details and even if you are, I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what will come out for you, to discover what you know, once you start.

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