Starting a Movement

by Ian

in Motivation

That’s what we’re doing here.

I just received a link from a friend to a very interesting little e-Book   about the importance of Creating a Movement.  I read through  How to Create a Movement where the author Everett Bogue lays out several points to creating a movement that I reflected on as being what is happening with Create Your Life Story.  I thought that it may help to give you a bit of a quick insight into some of my motivations.How to Create a Movement

As you know I have another podcast Your Story about the interesting individual lives that everyone has.  That’s my point, EVERYONE has an interesting life, it’s just that they are so rarely heard by many other people.  That’s my idea of a movement, getting those stories out there for others to hear with out anyone else’s(including mine) filters.

Create Your Life Story is the natural extension of Your Story in giving others the ability to collect and share Life Stories, replicating what I’m doing to give others the chance to collect stories that interest them. Initially I’m looking at helping people to gather stories they most feel are relevant to them, so I’m concentrating on family and self recording but who knows where this may go.

Everett mentions several points that are relevant to starting a movement, how they reflect to this project is:

  • The Leader – That’s me, well the starter
  • The Idea – Create a world of recorded Life Stories
  • Believe in Something – We all have amazing stories that enrich the word through sharing
  • Help People – This site, to help you learn
  • Second Follower – You Know who you are
  • The First 100 – This is developing
  • Existing Architecture – Everything that will spin in and off this site
  • Permission – You’re all welcome to come and go as you please
  • Isolation – I know how to step back and recharge
  • Failure is not an option – Somethings are the path in life, this is one for me, I have already succeeded. There are more stories out there already
  • The Critics – Not an issue, they don’t need to come play with us
  • Money – Has never been a priority but I will be producing valuable content to generate income
  • Freedom – Nothing is new, all the knowledge is out there already and free. I’m just putting my spin on it
  • Ownership – I just run the site and podcast, it’s already being directed by what you want.
  • This is Bigger than Us – Take it and run with it in your own way. When people realise the power of this I’ll never control it anyway.

It’s very early days, the podcast and site are only 10 days live but the vision is clear from when I started Your Story as I mentioned above.  How this site evolves I don’t know but what I do know is that there is no resource out there to help people to know how easy and accessible recording and sharing someones life story is today.

We can start a movement where for the first time in human history, people’s stories are recorded initially maybe for family but eventually as a resource for the greater community.  A resource that can live on and teach history and culture from those who live it rather than from academics.

Everett allows and encourages free downloads of the e-Book so if your interested in starting your own movement click on the image.

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