What Would Studs Turkel Make of the Gulf Oil Disaster?

by Ian

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Studs Turkel

It’s interesting hearing all about what is the Gulf Oil Disaster and the huge mess that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.  Hopefully the leak will be sorted out soon but I’m thinking of the situations that are spilling not from the sea floor but from the effects that are being caused to the local communities that rely on income from the industries that are in or around the gulf waters.  We hear about the fisherman and shrimpers who are being directly effected and by the damage that is happening to the ecosystem and wildlife but what about the rest.

What about the impact on the tourist industry now that people may decide that a holiday on the Gulf Coast is not such a good idea and maybe Canada is a better idea for this year or heading over for that big trip to come here to Australia.  How about the impact on the people cleaning up the spill and the long term damage to the wildlife.  How are they dealing with all those nasty chemicals along with the oil and what will be the long term health effects to them not to mention any long term Psychological Effects that can reverberate for generations.

I can’t help but wonder if someone like the late Studs Turkel was to go around that Gulf Coast Line and gather the stories of the everyday man and woman as he did in his 1973 interviews reflecting back on The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl of the ’30’s we might find the real story rather than the story that is being produced by the mainstream media.

Maybe it’s still too soon and we need to wait for all the issues to develop rather than looking back in hindsight but I can’t help thinking that grabbing those stories now while they are happening would be more real life, as it happens, rather than reflecting back on them later.

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