WRONG – You’ll Never Guess the Surprises from a Life Story

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Go try and guess, I’ll bet you’ll be wrong!

There are many things that you can prepare for a Life Story. The questions, location, additional information like photos but one thing you can be guaranteed of is, there will be surprises that will astound you.

These surprises could be in just hearing the stories that you haven’t heard, to new events happening as a knock-on effect of the stories finally being told. The certainty is, you’ll never guess the surprises that will come along, but they will!

Digging up the past

Old Tram Tracks dug-up during redevelopment of road system in Brisbane

Some of the unexpected things I’ve seen are:

  • New stories of their life
  • New relationships that were never known of
  • Abilities and skills that are no longer used
  • Interests that confound expectations of who you thought they are
  • Others adding to the information with their stories
  • People coming out of the wood work once the Life Story is shared
  • New relationships re/developing
  • Mending damaged relationships
  • Discovering how much people really care
  • Understanding why things happened as they did
  • Generate forgiveness, compassion and understanding
  • Discovering unknown of family members
  • Bring families back together
  • Understand what needs to be done into the future
  • Desire to share more stories
  • Encourage others to share their Life Story
  • On & on the list goes…
There is no way of knowing what will come from a Life Story biography but one thing is certain and I will guarantee this! There will be surprises. They will be as individual as you and the stories of your life and people will be amazed when they hear them but more so. Everyone will be surprised from the things that will evolve from those stories that will impact you and the people around you.

Get the help you need to discover your stories. Contact Ian.

Let us know in the comments below some of the things that have come out of your Life Story project.



When you’re ready share what you’ve learnt and links to the book. Who knows what may come of it…


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