Take a Break from Your Story

by Ian

in Motivation

Stop to keep Your Story fresh

Your Life Story is a process… It’s not something that you can do immediately, it takes time, much like your life.

You will be exploring and reliving things of the past and maybe talking of some things for the first time. Some wonderful and uplifting, others challenging and thoughtful. Uncovering old thoughts and emotions as you explore subjects not thought of for years, maybe even discovering new ways of understanding things long forgotten. There will be effort in all of this and it’s important to pace yourself so as to maintain the flow.

Time out with your  biography

Relax with Your Life Story

  • Take some time away from the recorder to allow for what has already been said to consolidate
  • Take a break for a cup of tea and chat about more inconsequential things
  • Go for a walk and leave the whole Life Story project for a time
  • Return when you feel fresh again and you feel it’s time again to tell more

Like your life this project is not about finishing each stage before moving onto the next. Like the waves washing up on the beach there is an ebe and flow. Prepare then record, then take some time to consider things or do some editing before returning to more preparation. Forwards and backwards moving amongst the parts of the project to stay fresh and keep the excitement bubbling along rather than becoming overwhelmed.

There is no need to finish anything in one continuous effort. Regular breaks for meals and rest refreshes both the body and the mind maintaining a vigor that is transferred through the voice to the listener.

During the many hours of concentrated effort of recording a Life Story it’s important to break. Turn off the recorder. Sleep well, have a meal or just get away from it before you become too stale and the conversation becomes laboured. Keep the conversation fresh and vibrant and the listeners will enjoy your passion.

Take some time out but always return until you have your life recorded. The funny thing is, it never ends until the end.

A Life Story is an ongoing project

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