Episode 42 : Unexpected Surprises from Creating a Life Story

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You’ll never know what surprises there are until you Create Your Life Story!

Keith Papps Life Story

Jane and Keith Today

Here on Create Your Life Story I’m constantly wanting to motivate you to start on your personal Life Story project but I know that there can be several issues with getting underway and we’re all working to resolves those points. What you don’t know though, is what surprises await you once you start and eventually complete the bulk of you Life Story project.
Sometimes things can happen that will amaze you but you’ll never know until you actually get underway with your project.

Amazing results from a Life Story

Today we’re looking at the effects of having completed a Life Story project 12 months ago and some of the wonderfully surprising things that have come from it. Things that could never be expected and lessons that have been learnt along the way.

This is not an episode for me to share with you some tips and ideas of how to produce a Life Story but one for you to listen to someone and the experiences that she’s had from our efforts last year. Today Jane shares with us her original motivations, initial results and eventual surprises that have come from producing a Life Story of her father last year.

Like Jane you’ll be starting on your project with only some ideas of what will come of it but as we find out over the course of a year things that no one could expect have evolved making life better than anyone could have hoped for.

…and the Story Continues


  • Start your own Life Story project
  • Know that things will eventuate that you can’t expect
  • Have a look at Keith’s site and make comment
  • Feel inspired to know that, like Jane, you too can do this

Have you seen results already that have surprised you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks Jane and you don’t need to be so formal.

It’s wonderful to see how this unfolds for you in so many unexpected ways


Mr Kath, it all started with a simple conversation between you and I that has grow into an exciting journey for my father, my family and me. Your encouragement, guidance and participation to record his humble story was akin to the planting of a seed. Who would have thought that from that seed a magnificent flower would bloom? When I started the project of recording my father’s story, not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined where we would be 12 months down the track.

Anyone thinking about doing something similar shouldn’t hesitate – not for one precious moment.


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