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Last night I was at The Hive, a group of local innovative thinkers here in Brisbane where we get together once a month to connect and listen to a guest speaker.  After the speaker I was chatting to a few people and mentioned Create Your Life Story and what we are doing here.  I spun up into my usual enthusiasm for the power of using audio as a means of gathering Life Stories when Nick mentioned that he had recently spent five days with his Grandfather recording his Life Story on video.

Apples and oranges

Both good but not the same.

I was so excited to find someone who had gone to the trouble to invest this much time and effort in gathering his Grandfathers story but Nick mentioned that he had as yet to sit down and edit the five hours of video knowing full well the task ahead of him.

Most people initially think of text when they think of a biography which explains why Nick’s other grandfather probably choose to write an autobiography which he said was a huge and expensive undertaking to have his autobiography published as a physical book.  Next to come to mind seems to be video for a biography but what a huge undertaking that can be with the actual video shooting not to mention the editing and story telling to make it a viewing pleasure.

When I edit video and I am by no means a gun at it, I find that it takes about one hour of editing per finished minute if I’m slapping it together without too much fussing in iMovie.  If I’m using Final Cut Express I seem to take two to three times longer because I can be more precise with edits and I tend to get much more into the whole creative process.  Video is a huge undertaking.

That’s why audio has the great advantage of allowing us to engage in what we have always done – a conversation!  It’s as simple as slapping a mobile phone down on the table and start talking.  Any more than that with preparation and editing and it increases the quality of the finished product but at least you have the conversation and that’s a great place to start.

These recorded audio Life Stories if transcribed are then the perfect place to start a written biography that can be worked on and flushed out eventually to be published as a book.  The audio can be utilised used for a voice over for a video or photograph slide show.  It’s a brilliant guide for the structure of the story telling process in a video because it is all about story telling.  What a perfect place to start.

I know that reading and viewing a biography is a wonderful experience but both are massive tasks to get started on let alone complete but they can be much more easily eased into with an audio Life Story as the initial guide.

Then there are three ways to remember someone.

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Hey Thanks for dropping by Chrissy
It’s a lot of fun and I hope that it will help some folk out there. I’m also learning a great deal more about the whole subject as I explain it, funny that, if you really want to learn start teaching is what they say. Seems there is some truth in that.

Chrissy Dunaway

These podcasts are FANTASTIC! I just visited the site today, and I am so excited to share the podcast with my whole family. It’s very inspiring, and as always, you do such a great job, Ian. 🙂

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