I’m Gutted – What Happens when You Wait too Long

by Ian

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The other day I received a message on Facebook from a friend who listens to Your Story and this Podcast.  I didn’t even know Tony was listening to the show but he has since mentioned that it was the motivation for him to get on with recording his Dad’s life story.  Something that he had been wanting to do for some time. With enthusiasm I read on only to be gutted by the reality of events.

Passing on

Sometimes it's too late

Here is his message to me:

Hey Ian,

I have been listening to the new podcast and will be sure to review it on iTunes for you.

A few weeks ago, decided I would sit down with my dad and get him to talk about some stuff from his life and reminisce about some good times we’ve had over the years,
I decided I would use my iPhone as a recorder and see what sort of microphones I could get, run them through my mixer etc, then I saw a mixer for sale that records directly to a docked iPod, the perfect use for my old 80gig iPod perhaps.

I had decided that I would ask him about Darwin after cyclone Tracey when we lived up there and about some old MGs we found back in 75.

I figured I would ask him about his life before I came along and how he met my mum, and to tell me again about a few funny stories about things he had gotten up to over the years.

But as luck would have it, my dad died last Tuesday the 15th from a heart failure.

This really underlines your point about not procrastinating.

Once the smoke clears from the grief, I will turn to my mum and grandmother to record their story and hopefully I can also cover a lot of dads stuff in the process too.

Cheers, Tony.

One of the hazards with Create Your Life Story is that from time to time we’re going to hear stories such as these.  This is the first of such stories to be motivated by what is happening here to encouraging people to record a Life Story of someone just to be waylayed by their untimely demise.  As I read on the shock of this message hit home as the significance of the events sunk in.  My excitement for Tony to decided to record his father Life Story just to miss out caused the emotions to well up inside me also.  What a shame that he hadn’t at least started the process, then at least he would have had something. 🙁

I’ve mentioned several times that we never know when it will no longer be possible to gather the stories of someone’s life. This is an obvious case in point but lets not forget the situations of illness and ageing I mentioned in this post and podcast episode.

If you’re still just thinking about recording a life story I wonder what Tony would advise?

We never know when it’s too late.

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