Episode 4 : What do you Want to Achieve with an Audio Life Story?

by Ian

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What would you like to see from producing an audio Life Story? – What is your minimum and maximum effort?

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When I started producing Your Story I considered using my iPod nano with a microphone.   Everyone said it was just that easy but I soon realised that I wanted to produce content at a higher standard than I was able to achieve with that small and cheap microphone.

Equipment I used when travelling in Europe in 2008

I decided that if I was to produce content of the standards that were the minimum for me I needed to invested in some equipment and a lot of time to learn the necessary skills.

I would love to produce radio documentary quality audio but the amount of work for the additional return is just not worth it.  The 80/20 rule is what I use to help me understand my standards, I manage to get 80% of the quality that I think is achievable for 20% of the effort.  That was my decision based on my judgements of quality and effort, what you want to achieve and the effort that you want to put in, for your desired results are up to you.  It’s a very personal thing.

What do you want to achieve?  What do you have already?  What would like to additionally acquire?

1. What is the end result that you’re after in a Life Story?

  • Long and chatty or short and concise conversations
  • Heavily edited with mixed sound effects and music or just the conversation
  • Published on the web or physical publication i.e. sent on CD
  • Included with text, video and photos or stand alone audio

Decide on how far you want to go.

2. What equipment do you have?

  • Computer – How familiar are you with it. Does it have a microphone and does it have or can you install editing software
  • Recorder – Portable recorder, phone or use editing software as a recorder
  • Microphone – Built into your computer, portable recorder or stand alone – skype, lapel or desk microphones

Note- Desk microphones unless a USB version require an interface and mixer to connect with a computer.

Test what you have as it may suit your purposes. Record, transfer and test edit to see how it all works.  Will you use what you have or will you purchase to suit your budget?

3. What level of skills do you have with the technology?

  • Recorder – Can you use a recorder or recording software and transfer to and from a computer
  • Editing software – Can you use editing software like Gargeband and Audacity
  • Publishing – Do you have blogging experience, transferring files to Archive.org, burning CD & DVD’s

With the test recording see how well it works and quality.  How are your skills?  What level of expertise do you want?  Give yourself time to learn. Once you get the general idea you can move on from there and develop the skills as you learn.  Don’t expect to know everything before you start.

4. Publishing

  • Can you burn CD and DVD’s?
  • Do you have a blog, consider getting one to practice on at WordPress, Blogger(google) or Typepad – Instruction will be for WordPress.com. Write about the experiences of your day as a means of practicing including adding photos and videos where appropriate.
  • Have you produced a Photo books – Check out Momento.

5. What to do.

  • What are you after – Consider and imagine the style of Life Story you want to create?
  • Inventory of equipment – What do you have and would you considering worth purchasing
  • Inventory of recording and editing skills – Make a trial recording and play with the editing software, you may be surprised how component you are.
  • Publishing skills – Start a blog and sharing files online on it and with other systems


Work your way through all the points above that have been mentioned on the podcast episode and consider them for your specific situation, desires and facilities that you have.  This will clarify what you want to achieve and give you some idea of what you need to do to reach your goals of producing an Audio Life Story.

There are many additional ideas that will help flush out these in the e-Book Recording Life Stories to help you.  Just sign up for it in the side bar form.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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