Who’s Life Story do You Wish you’d Recorded?

by Ian

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Everyone has missed some stories.

It doesn’t matter who I mention Create Your Life Story to, but everyone; Everyone!!! says that there is someone from their life who they didn’t happen to get that information, that story, that understanding, of what their life was all about… and how they wished they had 🙁

Grand father life story

Ian & his Grand Father, the one that got away.

Then in the next breath they tell me of someone else who they need to get around to sitting down with and talking to before it’s too late!

I’ve got those same stories from my life but the people who I would have enjoyed hearing from are long gone, so long ago that the easy recording technology of today just wasn’t available. Fortunately, from what I’ve learned producing Your Story, I’ve now have the skills to get some of my family recorded for everyone, including myself.

More stories yet to record.

But I still have my Mum to record. No, I’m not going to record her myself, that’s a task I’m hoping my daughter is able to do. I’m afraid I’m just far too close to Mum for that task and like my brother-in-law recording my Dad, it’s best left for someone just a little further removed than myself.

In the New Year when my daughter returns from Europe I’m hoping that we can get it all together and record the only remaining knowledge known by anyone, about my Mother’s side of the family. But there is a risk. She’s getting old and I’m hoping that she’ll continue in good health so we get the chance. We’ll see…

Who are you working towards recording and who did you miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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