Your Digital Footprints are How You’ll be Remembered

by Ian

in Motivation, Publishing

What are you going to leave behind?

As happens I was following Derek K Miller, the science and technology journalist mentioned on this video and thought about many of the points that are mentioned here by Adam during Derek’s illness.

It got me thinking about all the digital data that we’re now producing, that can be collected to form an impression of who we were, when we were alive. And the more data there is the better the representation of us there will be.

Not only is it long blog posts and hand written journals but tweets, Facebook comments, videos on YouTube and audio in AudioBoo and podcasts along with images on Flickr. Daily we’re creating our story from the digital data that we’re sharing online.

Now, what do we do with it?

I’m intending (assuming I have time to prepare) to archive all my sites and audio so that it will remain long after I’m gone using the systems that I’m suggesting for you to save your story for future generations.

What systems have people in your family used and what will you use to record your life?

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