Episode 31 : Big Times in My Life Story

by Ian

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What would you do if that event happened on you?

Welcome To Episode 31 of Create Your Life Story but this episode is my story and the reason I’ve been out of the loop for three weeks

Flood Waters Creeping Towards My Home

It’s been a while since my last podcast and post about the events of the impending doom of the Brisbane flood of 2011.

I mentioned the flood that was the start of what happened to me being a deluge in my home town of Toowoomba. Here is a bit of video of a creek turning into a raging torrent. After the deluge was the flood followed by the clean up.

What of the large experiences have you had in your life and what can you share with us?

In a week or so I should be back up to speed but for now I’m finalising the last of the finishing touches of returning my life to normal but if you would like to read the full story of my experience please read my story of the Brisbane Floods of 2011 on my personal blog.


  1. List out the big community events that you’ve experienced.
  2. What are you specific experiences?
  3. Create stories to share those stories using storytelling techniques.

What are your thoughts? Make a comment below and let us know your experiences and the big events of your life.

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