Episode 51 : The Simplest & Best Audio Editor for Your Life Story

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The best, easiest and simplest audio editor for conversations.

Life Stories need little technology to edit but until recently there hasn’t been anything available that did the job to make the spoken word more interesting and engaging.

Edit Audio Life Stories

What do you need?

Most editing systems aren’t designed for the simplicity that we need for editing Life Stories. All we need an editor to do is…

  • Removal of stammers, stutters, verbal and real pauses, umms and arghs
  • Rearrangement of audio components to help tell the story
  • Addition of music and effects
  • Audio enhancement of compression and equalisation

I’ve been using Garageband for years to edit Your Story and Create Your Life Story but I’ve realised they have far more than I need and don’t do what I want. There are other programs like Audacity and all the heavy lifting professional, music editing programmes but the story is always the same. They all have too many bells and whistles that get in the way of what I’m attempting to do.  Tell a story in voice with minimal interference!

What I want is a programme that will quickly and easily help me to tidy up the audio by removing the pauses, verbal stammers and blunders, simply rearranging of components and enhance with music and simple effects. That’s it! – If the programme has some compression and equalisation that’s all the better.

In the past I did all of this in Garageband but found it’s functionality difficult to deal with but with Hindenburg I now have a programme that is blisteringly fast in removing the edits in the audio. To date I’ve only had the free basic version, which I used to edit the audio then, I exported it into Garageband and added the music, compression and equalisation. This is no longer necessary as I’ve now upgraded to the Journalist version of the programme and can perform all these functions with ease in Hindenburg itself.

The best programme for Life Story editing

Edit Audio Life Stories

Video Tutorials for using Hindenburg

If you’re after a programme to simple tidy up your audio, have a look at Hindenburg. If you don’t want to spend the extra for Journalist, you can then export it to Audacity, Garageband or other programmes to perform the more fancy functions but if you want the all in one package the Journalist version of Hindenburg has everything you need including compression and equalisation as well as automatic level prior to exporting and profiling tracks to get the best sound with one click.

The main benefits of Hindenburg as a voice editing programme are…

  • Small, fast and simply programme
  • Everything you need for voice without the complexity of music editing programmes
  • Fast removal of parts of track with instant shunting of what’s left
  • Easy to understand level controls
  • Everything that’s needed in the free Basic version with additional features in Journalist

If you need an audio editor you’ll find all that you want with Hindenburg and a lot more to make your life easy.


Don’t forget to have a look at the short video of Hindenburg in action.

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Fantastic sound on podcast. Hindenburg editor looks beautiful(elegant). This is one tool that I can’t wait to try! The simplicity is the key feature for me. I am so happy to have stumbled onto your website.I like your positive outlook and gladness to pass on a great editing tool to others freely.Thanks.

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