Episode 60 : Remember the Stories of Community

by Ian

in Podcast, Prompts, Storytelling

Remember the groups of people and the stories of shared lives.

We all live in different communities that change over time. Some we leave some change but all are filled with the people who we share our lives with, forming the stories of our lives. What are the stories of your communities through your life?

Look at the communities that you have around you. They start with the largest of the macro and move to the smallest and most intimate micro but all are communities of the interests in your life.

Your Stories in Community

Community …from Flickr via BC Gov Photos

    • Global
    • Country
    • Regional
    • Local
    • Cultural
    • Personal Tribe
    • Greater Family
    • Intimate Family
    • Self

You have differing relationships with each of these groups and many of them overlap, sharing many of the same events and people.

Today we have online communities both with social networks and on virtually every web site on the internet.

Most web sites have some form of community through the use of forums to comments on the posts.

Look at your online and offline communities. All those groups that you’ve associated with in your life that you can tell stories of.

All those communities are part of you life.

    • Childhood friends
    • School
    • Social
    • Education
    • Sport
    • Work & Career
    • Hobbies
Take some time to think of the communities you’ve associated with during your life.


  1. When you think of these communities who do you remember?
  2. What did you do?
  3. What were your experiences?
  4. What are the specific stories that you can tell of these times and communities?

What stories do you remember from communities you’ve belonged to. Let us know in the comments below.

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