Nearly at the Finish, now for the Start

by Ian

in Podcast

Create Your Life Story is now, Oh so close.

or is it the Start

It all started in February when I first dreamt up the idea of  building a podcast and site to show people how to do what I’ve been doing. To give them the opportunity to record and share themselves or people who they know, using audio as a mechanism for producing biographies. This is now available to all of us with the digital technology that we have.

It’s all very close to being ready. Just the last few things before I launch. Tidy up this site with some graphics and styling. Encode the already recorded initial three podcast episodes and add them to the already written posts. A lot is finished like the e-Book and the surveys while other things are sitting as drafts as I write this.

I have a new podcast episode over at Your Story ready to press publish on and I’ll be soon making a Your Story Addendum episode that will mention in detail to those who follow Your Story what I’ve been up to.

It’s all poised as I approach the finish line of the preparation. The thing though is it seems that the finish line immediately turns into the start line for the further development of Create Your Life Story.

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