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Get your blog with this helpful video

The greatest thing about is how easy it is to sign up for an account and have your own Internet publishing tool (similar to a site like this one) in just a few minutes. You will be able to publish and start developing the skills that will eventually enable you to produce and publish your own stunning personal Life Story project on your own free web site.

Using for your Life Story project is…

WordPress Life Story Blog

Go to

  • Free of all fees
  • Fully maintained back end
  • Easy to use and publish
  • Well matured community
  • Fully hosted for all time
  • Stable well designed infrastructure

In just a few minutes you can start blogging on your own site today. Just watch this video and follow the instructions to have your site up.

In the last podcast episode How Do I Write My Story – Get a Blog we looked at what is needed and the great advantage of using a blog to help you to understand many aspects of the process of your Life Story project including developing a better understanding of your computer, the Internet and how to produce content, then have a place to publish online using your own blog as a web site. We talked in detail in Personalised Life Story Web Site about how to sign up and get a blog along with Posting Audio to Your Web Site on how to link audio so as to play on your WordPress blog.

Your computer and internet skills will develop by expressing yourself on a blog.

Note: I’ve created a fictional person for demonstration purposes with by the name of – Hugh Ignatius Know, He’ll be turning up from time to time.

If the domain name you would like to use is taken, use variations on the name until you find one that is available like or maybe Using the persons name or combinations of it will enable it to be more easily discovered who those who know the name, rather than using unusual URL characters or cryptic messages – Leave that creativity for the actual blog title.

As an example, my personal blog (not a site), URL is but the blog name is “Iam Ian”.


How was your experience from getting a blog and what have you learnt and discovered? Please leave a comment below.

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