Episode 21 : Ghost Writing Your Biography

by Ian

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Ghost Writing an autobiography – The easy way to write your book.

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Your Life Story project need not only be about the audio that you’ve taken the time to record and edit, it could also include using that content in writing a book. But do you have the determination and skills?

Today on Episode 21 of Create Your Life Story we talk about how to write a biography even if you don’t have the ability, or how to finish writing it, now that you’ve started but stalled.

Michael Collins Ghost Writer Biography Writer

Michael Collins-Your Ghost Writer

Create Your Life Story is all about recording editing and publishing audio Life Stories. Once the audio is recorded we have the ideal core resource material for publishing that content as a written biography. As mentioned in last weeks episode Record a Life Story then Write a Biography, the audio is a great content source particularly if you’ve gone to the trouble to have it transcribed as a written version of the conversation. This transcript is fine as a searchable document on our personal WordPress.com site but it doesn’t really work as a book. It’s just a series of anecdotes and stories with no real theme running through the Life Story. What we need to do now is knock the text into shape, to write it into a story form so we have a much more entertaining read. But maybe we don’t have the skills.

What we need is someone who can take the audio or transcript and thread these story gems onto a storytelling strand and make the string of pearls that it is. We need someone who is at a little more distant from the story, maybe a co-author or at least an editor… How about a Ghost Writer?

Interview with Michael Collins of Your Ghost Writer.

This episode includes a conversation with Michael Collins of Your Ghost Writer about how the skills of Ghost Writing can be utilised for creating a biography of your Life Story.

Additional to this edited conversation with Michael is the full length conversation on my other podcast at Your Story on Episode 55 : Michael, Ghost Writing Your Story, about how and why he came to become a Ghost Writer, with some fun anecdotes of his life story. You could do a lot worse than to listen and use Michael’s example of a skilled Life Story, storyteller for your own personal Life Story project.

Giving you a voice in text, additional to the recorded audio.

By utilising the skills of a Ghost Writer we’re still the author, it’s still our voice, written in our personal style from our stories, it’s just written by someone else with the skills and the time that we may not have.

A Ghost writer can bring to a Life Story project:

  • Expert advice on all aspects of publishing
  • Objective approach to the Life Story to see it for what it is
  • Create a story from audio recordings and interviews
  • Composition and editing from a transcript
  • Edit an existing manuscript
  • Ability to tie stories together into a complete Life Story theme
  • Unbiased view on delicate information
  • Complete discretion and anonymity
  • Expert writing, editing and publishing skills

Is this Life Story being written for the general public or for family members only?

Ghost Writing a Biography

Let the expert write Your Story

One of the issues with producing a Life Story is we make assumptions with what is understood from certain background information. Who are related to the different family members, where particular people came in or fell out of the family and cultural events that most, but not all people are aware of.

By introducing a Ghost Writer as an outside expert we have an editor who has an interest but not the background prejudices to fall into the trap of making assumptions. This enables the Ghost Writer to objectively decide to remove tiresome information or to include additional content for thematic purposes in order to place stories within context of what the reader will already know. They have the skills to create a theme that weaves all the components together drawing on additional information that may not have been mentioned in the initial recordings in order to place each individual story within the greater time, place and circumstances of the overall Life Story.

Rather than thinking of a Ghost Writer as the author, it’s important to think of them as a skilled technician who can give their client (who’s story it is) a voice and enable this Life Story to appear in text as an interesting engaging story that will bring entertainment and pleasure to all readers whether they know the individual or not.

A Ghost writer can give a voice to our Life Story to compliment the audio recordings and website information. After all  this effort we’ve gone to record and edit the audio, we might as well finish the task and have our Life Story autobiography as a book.


  • Transcribe the edited audio
  • Rough edit the text if you have the skill
  • Contact a Ghost Writer for consultation
  • Allow them access to additional knowledge as they work on your Life Story biography

**UPDATE: 4/10/11 – Michael has just published his latests thriller The Last Book
on Amazon **

Use some of the ideas in the e-Book Recording Life Stories to help with the overview of your project while remembering to fill out the initial survey before. Just sign up for it in the side bar form to your right.

Do you think you have the skills to write a biography? Would you consider using a Ghost Writer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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