Hindenburg Audio Editor Overview for Your Life Story

by Ian

in Editing, Podcast, Video/Film

This is how to edit your Life Story audio in Hindenburg.

Your Life Story biography should be all about getting the wonderful stories recorded and shared with family and the world. Everything else should get out the way of that result.Edit Life Story Biography with Hindenburg

For that reason I suggest you use the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder with Giant Squid Audio Labs Stereo Lapel Microphones for ease and simplicity. Then once you have the audio recorded, the easiest method of tidying it up is with the Hindenburg Audio Editor from Nsaka.

As mentioned in Episode 51 : The Simplest & Best Audio Editor for Your Life Story the Hindenburg editor has everything you want, without being weighed down with all the additional features included in music editing programmes such as Garageband and Audacity.

This short video gives you an overview of how easy it is to use Hindenburg. There isn’t much more to the Basic version of the programme but the full Journalist version has additionally some equalisation and compression features and well worth the cost of $65.


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