Episode 50 : 5 Historical Timelines of Your Life Story

by Ian

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No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

You don’t live alone. You live with people in your family, community, culture, country and world.
From each of these groups you’ve been impacted by all the events that occur in them. Obviously family occasions tend to be very personal but event international events can impact you in ways that says a lot about you and the times you live in.Community StoriesThere are individual stories in your life that you’ve forgotten that will be part of the greater story of the groups that you’ve associated with over the years. Take a moment to look at the history timeline of these different groups to remind you of some of the times of your own life.

Five historical groups of your life.

There are primarily five groups that you’re part of and their history is worth considering for it’s impact on you. To varying degrees some of these histories will tell stories of your life.

    1. Family – Your intimate family
    2. Community – People you live with in society
    3. Cultural – How you identify yourself
    4. Regional – Your macro community
    5. Global – The big events of the world

Timelines to discover your forgotten stories.

Each of these groups have timelines of history. Some of these events you have memories and stories that you can share as part of your Life Story.

The obvious and most intimate of your history is enmeshed with that of your family. From your grand parents to your grand children, your family have participated in activities that you’ve been part of. Ignore for a moment your own personal history and consider the timeline of your family. Then consider the stories that are directly related to you. Maybe your family migrated and that is a catalyst to some stories of your life. Or there is a specific, unique family trait that that you all have which has some interesting stories from your life.

A community is whatever you want to make it. The obvious is the people who you associate with during a period of your life and as an example, it could be social, career or religious communities. You may have belonged to one group during a period then moved to another. All of these communities will mean different things during different periods of your life and with each of them stories of varying degrees will say what those eras meant to you. With each of these communities there is a timeline of history where events happened. What were you involvement with those events?

Barack Obama poster in Berlin

What happened when you were there?

A culture is often handed down through the generations but it can also be the culture of an industry or a nation. Within a culture there is often a timeline of history that evolves over time. As these cultural events changed how did they impact you and what were your involvement with them.

As you have an impact on the more intimate communities around you, there is also the greater group we would call the regional group that is too large for you to have an impact on. These are the large scale provincial, national and ethnic groups that we all belong to at the more macro level. This is what we identify as when someone asks our nationality or heritage. These timelines of history affect millions of people and some of them will involve your personal experiences. What are the events from your regional group that you have stories of from your life?

Finally the global group is the international community that we all belong to. These are the global events that impact billions if not everyone on Planet Earth and with this timeline we have all of the major international events. Through out your life there have been global events that may or may not have been specifically in you life but due to the size of the events still had an impact on you. What are the global events that you remember and how did they affect you. Your story may only be about where you heard about an event (i.e. J.F. Kennedy assassination) to your actual participation in a global event (i.e. World War 2).

With each of these timelines, your story is the personal aspect of the family, community, cultural, regional and global events, putting a human perspective on global history.

Your Stories are wrapped amongst other bigger stories

Look at the timelines of each of these five categories and consider your personal stories as you look at the events of that timeline. Search on the Internet for timelines and histories for all for all of the groups that you have an interest. Here are a few to give you an idea of what’s available.Jazz Timeline

Australian History
Modern History
New Zealand History
Canadian History
South African History

American History
UK History
World Disasters
World War 2
Agricultural History


  1. Gather the timelines of each of the five groups relevant to your life
  2. Look over each of the timelines to jog your memory of specific stories in your life
  3. Write notes of each specific story
  4. Use these story topics as prompts to talk about

What stories do you now suddenly remember that you had forgotten? Pleas leave a comment below.

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