Episode 30 : How do I Write My Story? – Get a Blog!

by Ian

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Get a Blog to Learn How to Creating a Life Story Biography

It takes time to produce a Life Story. Along the way there are many distractions. Some are from outside influences of your life, while some are due to the issues with actually creating the content that will become the Life Story. A blog can give you the reason and motivation to keep moving forward.

If you follow my guidelines there are many aspects of creating a Life Story. These are:

Write My Biography with a Blog

Get a WordPress Blog

For many of these aspects, having a blog can help you in getting over these issues sooner and easier. A blog can help you find topics for stories, share with others, get your thoughts down while helping you ask for help and becoming more familiar with the computer and the Internet in general. Even finding some audio online to share on the blog will teach editing and embedding if you want to go that far, it’s up to you.

Let’s get a blog…

Blog is short for Weblog = WeBlog.

A blog is a reverse chronological order, series of articles or posts, generally with the latest most recent at the top of the home page.

There are several free blogging platforms available including Typepad and many others with Blogger being particularly popular amongst genealogists. At present the general consensus seems to be WordPress as the stand-out superior product for ease of use and viewing with WordPress.com being the free, fully hosted service available to you.

A blog from WordPress.com is the perfect way to have a fully hosted, free blog, that is easy to use and requires minimal back-end issues. There is no need to maintain it and if you walk away for years or forever it will remain available for others to view.

Ultimately the Life Story that you are creating should have it’s own blog with a sensible URL or domain name (different to blog title) with the persons name in it. Something like hughknow.wordpress.com.

Using the persons name or combinations of it will enable it to be more easily discovered who know the name, rather than using unusual URL characters or cryptic messages, leave that creativity for the actual blog title. As an example, my personal blog (although not a WordPress.com site), the URL is iankath.com but the blog name is “Iam Ian”.

Learn through doing

Set up an additional blog to play and practice with, seperate to the blog that you are going to have for the Life Story that you’re producing.This additional blog will enable you to get the feel for blogging and help you to understand many things.

blog my life story biography

Start writing to discover what you'll learn

It costs nothing to have more sites and the advantage of getting a blog sooner, well before you’re ready to post the Life Story is:

  • Understand computers better
  • Become more familiar with the Internet (use & search)
  • Publish to the Internet
  • Develop writing skills
  • Getting thoughts down
  • Sharing ideas with others
  • Receiving feedback
  • Understand style, form and function
  • Loose the fear of producing content

The most important part of blogging initially is to become familiar and comfortable with the technology so that when it’s time to produce the actual Life Story blog you’ll be up to speed and comfortable with the whole process but there are many benefits beyond just that.

By starting a blog now and using it, you’ll start to develop skills and motivations for things that you may never have considered. I can’t impress enough how important this can be for you in developing many of the skills that you may find challenging at present.

Start by writing about your experiences of starting a blog and producing a Life Story. Talk from the heart and get your thoughts down on the blog. If you feel too shy to publish you can always keep it private but I would encourage you to keep your blog public as the support you’ll receive will surprise you.

I started an initial Your Story podcast blog at WordPress.com for exactly these reasons, then eventually I copied it to my own self hosted site but the confidence that I gained form it has lead me on to starting numerous blogs for different purposes. That initial blog is where I learnt some of the fundamental aspects of using the Internet. In order to write a post I had to learn to use the WordPress.com site, how to put my thoughts down in some sensible readable way, embed videos and dress a post with images. I developed an interest in writing that I’ve never had and slowly my style has developed along with my typing speed and accuracy along with grammar and spelling.

Discovering opinions you never thought you had

I discovered that I had some thoughts that I wanted to get down even if they were never read by anyone else. These mental ramblings are ideas that only occasionally I had a chance to discuss with others but now, with my own blog, I could take the time to craft my thoughts and see what developed. Many of these posts surprised me as I didn’t even realise that I had some of these opinions until I put them down. By starting a blog you’ll start to realise not only the things that are in your mind but you’ll also develop interests in ideas to write about. Some things will appear and you’ll decide that you need to share your thoughts on that topic.

WordPress Life Story Blog

Dealing with all the issues of writing a blog you’ll learn strategies for dealing with problems and how to get the results that you want. By taking the time to dive into the world of blogging at WordPress.com you’ll develop the same skills with the technology that you can see I’ve developed here on Create Your Life Story enabling you to develop your own blog in your own style.


  • Go to WordPress.com and sign up for an account
  • Choose a URL title for your blog – your name maybe
  • Sign up for a blog and choose a blog name – something interesting
  • Set up a theme to suit
  • Adjust settings
  • Start writing and learn as you go
  • Send me the link so I can see how clever you are 😀

How do you feel and what is your experience of getting started and having your own blog? Leave a comment below this post…

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