Episode 52 : LifeStory Designing Your Life Story

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LifeStory Designing your life in all the different ways.

Once you’ve recorded the audio of the conversations and it’s time to Create Your Life Story, what do you do with all the other wonderful things from you life? Just have a look at what you’ve managed to collect to help you with remembering and flushing out Your Story:

    LifeStory Designers

    All that you need for Your Life Story

  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Journals & diaries
  • Videos & movies
  • Souvenirs
  • Awards & trophies
  • Scrapbooks
  • Brick-a-brac

Just as much as the stories that you’ve told are part of your life and add the all important personal aspect, the things of your life add an extra layer that tells more of the story than just your memories.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

You know that you can tell all the stories, taking the time to describe people and places. But with one picture all that you’ve been expressing can be revealed. This is even more so with movies and audio from the past. They all help to explain in ways that flush out the story and make tangible the stories of you life.
How much more real will those stories you’re thinking of telling be, when you include the items that were important at the time?

Your Story Things

The Things of Your Life

A Thousand Words are worth a Picture

Then the other side of the coin is when you look at those photos and wonder who’s in them and where were they taken. What are the stories in those old sepia images, if only they could speak! That’s the advantage of talking about the images while recording your Life Story. It adds to the images and helps others to make sense of them.
Too often it’s just an image but when the story explains the photo (or for that matter any item of memorabilia), then it comes alive and places it in context.

All the things of your life combined with your memories and stories don’t just add to each other but multiply the significance of everything. And it makes the whole process easier and a lot more fun because it’s all there together with real understanding of all of the components.

Get the ideas of what you can do

Today’s interview is with Kathy Tarochione of LifeStory Designers about how, out of her personal story, she has come to be a LifeStory Designer using her digital art skills, to help people express their Life Stories in bigger ways than they thought possible.

Working in collaboration with others in the LifeStory Designers Community, she’s helping people use the things from their life to tell fully formed, enriching Life Stories that will be shared with future generations for years to come.

If you like the idea of creating part of your Life Story as digital multimedia you will get many ideas from what Kathy and her associates have been doing along with others in the community.


  1. What are the general stories you want to tell?
  2. What supporting things do you have to flush out those stories?
  3. Pick one of them and consider how you could tell a bigger, richer story by incorporating multiple media types to include these items.
  4. Learn the skills that you need to wrap all this together or find people to help you with aspects of it.

What ideas could include with the audio to help tell your stories better? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kathy Tarochione

Thank you Ian for such a wonderful interview and summary of what a LifeStory Designer does. We are so delighted to be associated with you. We are looking so forward to sharing your information with our Community and welcome you to it as a valued Partner in our endeavor to help others create their own life stories.

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