Episode 16 : Posting Audio on Your Web Site

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Playing Audio on Your WordPress.com site

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We have our audio and we have our website, now in this Episode 16 of Create Your Life Story we bring them together in one place for the world to be able to easily access and listen to your Life Story.

archive.org register

Register for Archive.org

The great thing about having a WordPress.com site is that it’s completely free and fully maintained. There are no issues with having to deal with the “back end” of the site as an ongoing concern. However as with all things there is no such thing as a free lunch and with a WordPress.com site there are some restrictions on the way you can use the site. WordPress.com do this to ensure that those who are using the WordPress.com sites don’t bring malicious code that can damage things for everyone and in the case of today’s subject so that people don’t abuse the free nature and use up too many of the resources of WordPress.com by hosting large media files such as audio and video.

It’s easy to play video files through your WordPress.com site that are hosted on sites such as YourTube, Vimeo and Viddler by using the embed code available from the hosting sites.

Audio like video also needs to be hosted on a service to then be linked back to your site at WordPress.com. There are paid services such as Amazon S3 and Libsyn but like having your own hosted WordPress.org site there are costs and maintenance issues and it’s important that once you have completed your Life Story project, it remains permanently, without fear of disappearing because you forgot to maintain the fees or there is now no one left to care for it.

Archive.org the Perfect Place for Your Audio Files

The Internet Archive (Archive.org) is a non-profit digital library with the stated mission: “universal access to all knowledge.” It offers permanent storage and access to collections of digitised materials, including websites, music, moving images, and books.

By placing the audio files at Archive.org they will be stored for all time and your website can then play the audio by link to the files at Archive.org.

Archive.org Page

Archive Page and Players

  1. Go to  Archive.org
  2. Click on “Join Us”
  3. Fill out “Email Address”, “Screen Name”, “Desired Password” then “Confirm Password”
  4. Click on “Get Library Card”

Next you need to upload your complete audio files.

  1. Click “Upload” button to the top right
  2. Then “Share” button to the top right
  3. Browse for the media you want to upload. You can select more than one file, or you can click the Share button again to select additional files.

For additional information go to this page at Archive.org

Upload all the files related to this single Life Story at once so they are all the individual files are held on a single page like chapters. If someone is listening on Archive.org they will then be able to move onto the next chapter on the list. Once the files are uploaded you can then edit the information to include text and images.

Privacy at Archive.org

Archive files linked to WordPress

Editing the Linking Files into WordPress

Privacy at for your WordPress.com site is available by selecting the level you require when you are writing a post or page however with Archive.org you must be aware that someone may come across your audio as it’s an open library, for archiving all knowledge, for all to access. If you wish to keep your audio files away from prying ears, you will need to use a paid service for the audio file storage or maybe a paid site with the site and audio in one place using blogging software available like at WordPress.org.

Between the free site at WordPress.com and the audio files being stored at Archive.org we have maintenance free, hassle free permanent storage of our precious Life Story available to share with family and the world for ever.

I encourage you to share your stories with the world and by being open with the information you add to the human history that is available for others to find through research. To this end take some time to write some text and possibly include an image that will capture the essence of the Life Story and include them in the information with the audio files.

Ensure you have a link on the Archive.org site back to your web site.

Once all the editing is complete go to your audio page on Archive.org. Towards the bottom under individual files are the links to the audio files. Select the audio file you want and copy the link location (right click) It should be something similar to:

  • http://www.archive.org/download/NAMEOFYOURFILE.mp3.

    Archive audio playing in WordPress

    Player on Your Page

Inserting Audio Player in WordPress

To insert the audio into your WordPress.com site which will create the player when the page is rendered:

  • Open the editor for the post/page that you wish to attach the audio to
  • Paste the link into the text in the location where you want to have the player with instruction code surrounding it

To post the audio on your site you need to put it in For example as I’ve shown here it is:

Now you have a site with a player that you can send people to. There they can read and simply click on to play or download the audio to listen to your Life Story.

Note: Click on images to see at larger size.


  • Sign up for Archive.org
  • Upload your files in one set of completed chapters
  • Edit text and images into the Archive.org page
  • Copy and past the files links into each page on your site
  • Sit back and listen to Your Life Story from your own site

An overview of all the ideas are in the e-Book Recording Life Stories to help you. Just sign up for it in the side bar form.

How have you found of the process of producing a Life Story and what have you achieved?Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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