Episode 43 : Professional Storytelling Tips for a Real Life Story

by Ian

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Get the attention you want with some storytelling skills

Daryll Bellingham Storyteller

Daryll Bellingham Master Storyteller

For all of our lives we tell stories.
Stories to get our message across, to help others and to share some entertaining information. We share stories in all parts of our life, the most common being during the most mundane of conversations. But importantly for us here at Create Your Life Story we share stories in specific conversations about our life.

We are telling stories using storytelling

Storytelling is an art form in it’s own right, using some of the aspects of performance to share the story with a little bit of showmanship to help make it more interesting for the listener.

With your Life Story you too can use some of the aspects of storytelling to help get the information and stories of your life across to those who are listening in both an entertaining and engaging way and keep them enthralled in hearing what you have to say.

Confidence in storytelling help the stories flow

Daryll Bellingham Storyteller

Daryll Bellingham Storyteller

Daryll Bellingham has been performing for decades as a professional storyteller to adults and children. With his corporate work he’s been reminding grown ups that the storytelling aspect of our inner child is still alive and well to help us share our stories if only we allow it’s expression in what we really want to share.

With just a few tips from Daryll on some of the aspects of the storytelling method you will have more confidence to know that you can share your stories with the appropriate impact that you want to get across and engage the listener. By knowing how to tell a good yarn you’ll be prepared to tell the stories that you were hesitant to mention previously.

Practice with normal conversations

Take some of the these ideas that Daryll mentions in this episode and practice in your normal everyday conversations whenever you have a chance.

  • Tell stories in first person
  • Changing your voice to suit that of the person  you’re quoting
  • Developing emotion by using physical movement
  • Using stories for give feedback to others
  • Tell stories while maintaining integerity
  • Understand the benefits of telling someone your life story

Use the narrative story structure

  • Who are the characters?
  • Where is the setting?
  • Explaining the problem, challenge or issue
  • How are the issues resolved?


  • Look into the various techniques that Daryll has mentioned
  • Use these ideas in your normal conversations
  • Think of specific stories to tell that require you to use these methods
  • With some attention and maybe a little practice you skills will improve


Daryll Bellingham is a storyteller in my local area of West End here in Brisbane. His blog is also at Austories.

The full conversation with Daryll including how he became involved in storytelling and what he’s personally got from it, is available to listen to on my other podcast at Episode 61 of Your Story.

Tell us in the comments about some memorable storytelling experiences that you’ve had.

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