Episode 34 : Publishing Your Life Story as Multimedia

by Ian

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Share all of Your Life Story in One System

A life is not one event or experience. We all have multiple events throughout our lives often recorded on various pieces of memorabilia along with our personal memories.

To share all those events with others we can tell the stories, which is what Create Your Life Story is about. But once we have the audio recorded, how do we best share it and blend it with the other things that we have?

Multimedia Life Story biography

Combine Everything for a Complete Life Story Biography

During the process of recording a Life Story we will be digging up documents, photos, brick-a-brack, old movies and recordings, possibly even discovering people who we have never heard of before. We are on an archaeological dig, through our personal lives, much as with the genealogy of our family history. We have the information on our relatives and we have our personal story. Some of it independent of each other, some of it blended together.

In assembling all this information we are then presented with the challenge of how to present it so that others can access it and enjoy the content. In the past the audio conversation is just left on the tape to be played back at some stage. Often it’s just raw audio, without any editing or attempt to make it a more pleasurable experience for the future listeners. The documents are often collected, possibly just in a box or maybe assembled into a folder. Very rarely someone may go to the trouble of compiling the information into a book. But what about all the different types of media and the fact that they are still separated from each other.

If we can combine all the components of a Life Story, we then have a richer interwoven story, containing more than the sum of the individual parts. We can include historical and current versions of

  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Text
  • Audio recordings
  • Video and film

All these components can be combined to tell a full rich Life Story, in ways that weren’t possible just a few years ago.

For example if you were to consider some of the interactive web sites that you can find, you will see this very example in action to promote a product or service. We can do the same!

We could create text to tell the story, with a slide show of images, narrated with the audio recordings, interspersed with video content. How much richer is the experience when it’s all interwoven together to read, hear and see the story of someone’s life in front of you.

Then this can be shared with others on a web site or a DVD with additional supporting physical items such as a books.

There are many services and software solutions available to help you with achieving this. Some are turnkey solutions such as 3D Ancestry who can take your shoe boxes of stuff and combine it into a genealogical Life Story presentation that others will be happy to spend time listening, watching and reading as they learn about this Life Story.

If you’re interested in getting some help with compiling your Life Story into some sort of easily available format Jim at 3D Ancestry.com is looking forward to showing you the advantages and seeing what he can do for you.

You can see his web site at 3dancestry.com and contact him via email at jim@3dancestry.com

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If you have any ideas of how to share the various parts of a Life Story or know of any similar services please mention them in the comments below.

Record or Write, Your or My Life Story Biography

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