Episode 57 : Storyboard to See Your Whole Life Story

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A simple tool to discover the topics of your Life Story
and a different way to share the whole of your life in one view!

Paul Harbath

Music in a Life Story

Today’s episode of Create Your Life Story is full of listener feedback about how their individual projects are developing including a conversation with Paul Harbath about his personal Life Story project and the use of a novel prompt to both inspire him to discover the topics to talk about and a way of sharing his Life Story with others.

Paul takes us through setting up his Life Storyboard from a collection of images that made obvious the important parts of his life and how it’s shown to others his life in one quick and easy way. Then through visually connecting with the images to sync to the audio of him talking about his life he has a blend of images and audio to tell his story.

Surprise discoveries from your own life

Paul also reveals what completing this project has meant for him and how it’s made him more purposeful for the future and helped him appreciate how wonderful life has been to date and what more he can look forward to in the future.

Paul Harbath's Storyboard

Make a Life Storyboard to see your Whole Life in one View ( click to larger image)

Listen to Paul’s introduction of his Life Storyboard


What I learnt from Paul as some of the advantages of using a Storyboard are

  • Alternative way or publishing a life story
  • Discovering and remembering things of your own life
  • Whole of life in one view
  • Self evident what to talk about
  • Reflection can put you on purpose for the future


  • Collect a few dozen images and look at them.
  • Is there a theme or topic that you may have forgotten?
  • When you see you whole life in one place does it seem any different?
  • What stories do you feel inspired to talk about when you reference to the images

Have you been surprised with what you’ve discovered as you’ve been working on your project. Share your comment below or via audio on Soundcloud

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