Episode 19 : Teaching Your Life Story to Others

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We are both, at once students and teachers of life

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When I started Your Story I knew nothing of the internet or how to produce a podcast. I didn’t go to school to do a course. I started looking around the Internet and discovered the resources that I needed. I paid for some instruction from others who knew more than me and I went about learning all that I could, so that I could record the great conversations I have with others and share those stories with the world. I became a student, to add to the skills I already had. From that evolved everything you see here in both Your Story and Create Your Life Story.

You Teach Your Story

Teaching, Not Like in the Old Days

I was and still am a student from those who know more than me, of these rapidly changing technologies. But now I have some knowledge that I’m passing onto others. I have become the instructor of what I know to help others learn from my life experiences. I have evolved to being an educator while still being a student.

This is something that we’re always doing. Learning skills and developing talents to become proficient, eventually developing and becoming teachers ourselves to the next generation while we continue to learn the next skills in our life.

You too are a teacher!

What are you expert in? What have you seen? What can you share? And if you doubt that you have anything to share you’re wrong!

The experience of sharing a life story is one of sharing all that has both been experienced but also of what has been learnt. Even if it’s not obvious we all can share wisdom of what we have learnt from our experiences. That’s what sharing our Life Story is all about.

We start our lives as students and we all become teachers through our experiences, all that is additionally required is an attentive student and a desire on our part to communicate our Life Story.

As part of this Episode 19 of Create Your Life Story I would like to ask you to watch this video from Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED talks. In it he explains that no longer are we just consumers of education but we are all students and we are all teachers at the same time by using what he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation. With the ubiquitous use of the internet everyone can share everything in all it’s various forms to ensure that we can all learn and teach, consume and share, in ways that have never been possible before, across boarders and across cultures.

Please take the time to watch this video.

Stay with it to the end… It’s worth seeing how profound this is becoming

You have experiences that no one in human history has ever had and there are people out there who would love to learn from you, if only they had the chance to be taught by you. Stories of Your Life are the first person examples of those things that others can learn from. And even if these lessons aren’t the lessons for greater society, your family will always gain from the knowledge that shows them their heritage and their place in your family, society and culture.

You have learnt the lessons of life. You have the experiences to prove and show as an example, of how you have done it and now it’s your turn to teach to the next generation of students what you know, so they can have the knowledge that you’ve acquired.

The Internet is the perfect environment in which to share your experiences as Your Life Story.

What are your thoughts? What do you want to know from the person you’re recording or what valuable information do you have to share with others? Leave a comment below ↓


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