Your Story – Where it all Started

by Ian

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Your Story Podcast

When I decided to start podcasting in 2007 I realised that I wanted to make a show that enabled me to do what I have always loved.  Have great conversations with people.  With these conversations and stories that everyone has in their life I thought I could bring them to  the greater world in this new media form.

Everyone has a great story in them, that’s the simple premise of Your Story and I wanted to hear those stories.  This lead me onto having conversations with some older people for the Queensland Theatre Company as part of their Oral History Project for their 40th anniversary celebrations.

These projects along with recording some of my family and others in the form of longer form Life Stories has given me the skills and knowledge which I intend to share with you here on Create Your Life Story.

If you’re interested in hearing some conversations with some interesting people having interesting lives please check out these archive links at Your Story.

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