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Here is your free 25 page e-Book Recording Life Stories to help you get started with recording a Life Story.  For many people this e-Book is all that you may need to started producing an interesting, well produced and engaging Life Story that others will love to hear.  It’s full of all of the tips and techniques to help you feel confident and inspired to easily move forward on your project.

Record my life story

It’s always the conversations that we remember and recording a Life Story as audio is a way of capturing those memorable conversations. Why not record a conversation with the intention of publishing that audio. Then use the recording, as a starting point for a written biography.

Information to guide and help you feel confident

Recording Your Life Story or Stories

Microphones Section

  1. Benefits of audio – Why it’s natural
  2. Microphones – Types and uses
  3. Portable recorders – You may already own
  4. Recording yourself – Tips and tricks
  5. Conversations with others – Making it natural
  6. Prompts – Keeping the conversation on track
  7. Editing – Styles to suit you
  8. Digital distribution – Sharing with others
  9. Analoge distribution – Older systems
  10. Archiving – So it remains forever
  11. Getting started – What to do first


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