Professional Help to Record Your Life Story

Do You Want Help with Recording, Editing and Publishing a Life Story?

It’s a reasonable question that I’m asked from time to time – “Can you help me record my memoir as oral history?”

Well sure, I would love to! After all, I like nothing better than listening to an interesting yarn and seeing the effects on people when they finally have the Life Story available for all to listen to is worth its weight in gold.

Lets have a chat to see if I can help you…

Maybe you’re thinking:

      • I don’t know where to start
      • I don’t have the time
      • We’re too close to ask some questions
      • I need it done urgently
      • I need someone to talk to
      • I don’t want to lose more stories
      • We need someone to talk to them for us
      • I need to share my life story
      • I need professional help to put this together

Opportunities to Record Your Life Story.

Just ask me and I’m happy to sit and record for the many hours necessary to develop the rapport and capture the stories of a lifetime. Followed by the much longer editing and publishing effort to do it justice. I have some opportunities to help you fulfill your needs to capture a great Life Story.

It’s simply a matter of:

      • Time – We all only have limited time available
      • Expense – Not everyone can afford the cost of a professional Life Story production
      • Location – I’m only available for the people where I am (I do travel from time to time)
      • Quantity – There are literally Billions of stories and I can only produce a few in my lifetime

There is never enough time to help all the people who would like my assistance. Additionally there is no way possible for me to travel globally to aid everyone who I could help, although I am open to discussions as I travel.

It’s for these reasons I have set up Create Your Life Story and podcast to enable You, to have the resources to go about developing the skills from the knowledge that I’m publishing here to enable you to record your Life Story or the story of someone in your life. Maybe it’s possible to use the information here on Create Your Life Story to help someone to establish themselves in your community as the “Go to person” for those who would like help in recording a Life Story and in so replicate what I’ve done for people myself. The all important thing is to make sure that whoever needs the information has it and that is what Create Your Life Story is about.

A world of possibilities.

Within the limited time constraints of my life and all that’s involved in recording, editing and publishing a Life Story there are some opportunities to aid people in creating a quality Life Story project.

If after perusing the information here in Create Your Life Story you feel that you would like some more assistance I’d love to chat with you, to see if it’s possible to help you in some way within the confines of time, expense and location.

My desire is to encourage as many people as possible to capture this important Oral History while they have the chance before they are lost to time, as has been the case for all of human history. It’s for this reason the information on Create Your Life Story is invaluable for you to use in your own life.

Like the old Chinese Proverb:
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I simply can’t do it for all of you but I can show you how 🙂

Help for Your Life Story.

If you need assistance I’d love to help you, depending on your specific situation.
Please feel free to contact me via this more personal email so we can discuss any possibilities.

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