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Thanks for using these services as some support Create Your Life Story through affiliate links.



When you have your site complete and it’s time to share it around why not get some quality cards from moo.com printed with the web address on it. I use Moo all the time and heartily recommend them.

One of the best style of cards is the custom MiniCards or as the holiday season approaches consider the MOO Christmas & Greeting Cards for your personalised touch.

You’ll be surprised what great value they all are.


If you are in the US or Canada and want to purchase any recorders, microphones, headphones or other audio equipment for your Life Story project please look into the services of zZounds for Lowest Price Guarantee and Shipping Rates.

Note: I’m investigating merchants for Australia and Europe.


Use this search window or Go to Amazon Site→

Or to buy the great Zoom products from Amazon HERE that are mentioned in this podcast episode.

Giant Squid Audio Labs

Giant Squid Lapel Microphone

Just what you need

If you’re after microphones to plug into a portable recorder like the Zoom H1 or H2 or maybe your computer, I would suggest you look at what Darren is producing at Giant Squid Audio Labs.

I’ve been using his lapel microphones for years now and not are they great quality I don’t know how he can produce them for the price. Compare with other microphones and you’ll understand my point.

If you mention to Darren that you came from Create Your Life Story he’ll  throw in the shipping cost 🙂 How good is that?

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