Quick Start Mini-Guide to Your Life Story

Find something simple to start today.


When I was thinking of starting my projects I felt that familiar feeling of not knowing where to start amongst the huge amount of information out there. It was too daunting and all too easy to procrastinate. Then one day I decided to act! That was the day it all changed and I was underway, nibbling away at my Life Story projects. Fortunately for me, my delay in starting wasn’t so long that I missed my opportunity but that was more good luck than anything else.

What I learnt in that one act of starting, is what this is all about!

The Free quick start mini-guide to Your Life story is…

          1. Designed to give you an overview.
          2. Links to valuable content to learn more.
          3. Layout the basics of recording a Life Story.
          4. Topics to start working on today.

In just a few minutes you’ll have an overview and decide what to start.


Get Your Free Quick Start Mini-Guide

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Record Your Life Story

Check out the detailed quick-start guide.

Depending on your browser you may need to…

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Here’s another link to download the Quick Start Guide to Your Life Story.

To go deeper and discover the Single, Simple, tip to do today, to start your story, check out the Detailed Quick Start Guide →

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