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When I mention the idea of Create Your Life Story to people they immediately consider it and think it’s a great idea.
The issue is that despite having a good idea and producing great valuable content, if no one knows about it, no good can come of it for anyone.

Help Share Create Your Life Story

Those interested are:
  • people who would like to listen to the stories of others
  • folk who would like to share stories
  • people who want to share experiences with a community as they learn how to record themselves
  • those who would like to record someone else
I would like to encourage you to pass this email onto those in your family, community or anyone you know who would be interested. Maybe a relative who wants to record themselves or someone who would like to record someone else. If you know anyone like that or a network that may know a similar group, please help them by letting them know about this site so they can have a look for themselves.
Just cut and paste the below email and send it on, it has all the links to take them to the relevant pages and posts so they can have a look and decide for themselves.
Thanks for helping to share 🙂

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Hello and Greetings

Everyone has an amazing story of their life but most people never have the chance to share that story.

Many people talk of writing a biography of themselves or of someone else but never quite get around to it. What if instead of a written biography it was a conversational audio recording of those stories, in their own voice, with all their personality shinning through.

Create Your Life Story is where I share tips and tricks, techniques and methods, to record, edit and publish Life Stories using modern digital technology. To share the stories of a life with family, friends and the world as people choose.

There are two groups of people who would be interested in creating a Life Story.

1. People who wish to record their own life, to capture their own memories, then share those memories with those they care about.
2. People who know someone else and would love to sit and record their story. Then share that Life Story with family and the greater community. To have the chance to say, “At least I asked those questions I have always wanted to ask.”

I’m showing at Create Your Life Story in text, audio and video how to use the technology and the subtle skills needed to make a Life Story become a reality. Something that everyone can do now with the amazing digital technology that is at our finger tips

If you find the idea of recording audio Life Stories an interesting concept please go to and have a look at what has already been produced. If you or someone you know are interested in recording themselves or someone else you would be assisting them a great deal if you passed this email along.

Create Your Life Story is a site full of free content that will assist people to produce a Life Story in easy to consume formats, including as a podcast in iTunes, for sharing over whatever time-frame suits you. I have included a quick video to help show how to use the various aspects of the site. There is even a free e-Book to receive by simple download, to help with an overview of how to produce a Life Story.

Thanks for taking the time to consider using and sharing this information with whoever you feel is interested.

I’m looking forward to hearing some amazing stories.

Best of Days

Ian Kath

P.S. Feel free to have a look at the Create Your Life Story site and use the information in any way you wish, to share these ideas around to those you feel would be interested.

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