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Thanks for the interest.

And thanks for dropping by.

It’s been some time (five years in fact), since CYLS was active. I’ve kept it so, as there was a lot of interest in what I’ve created here and I wanted to allow any opportunities to come my way if there was someone out there who had an idea of how I could make this project more viable. That hasn’t happened and now five years later,it’s time for me to slowly put this project to bed.

In the short term this site will remain but it’s copied over to a site and all the audio is archived on This way the content is still available but when I eventually let this URL and site go, at least all the hard work and content will remain.

So if you’re here reading and listen? Thanks. But you may want to note the links to the new collections so if you return or if you’re looking at this on the WayBack Machine you’ll know where to go.


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