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My father the forger

Here is another of the wonderful TED talks that shows the power of storytelling not only to get a message across but also to have the emotional impact.

My favourite quote from the talk.

“In one hour he could make 30 forged documents. If he slept one hour 30 people would die.”

All about the power of telling a great story of the great things that some people do.

Yes, this video is in French and sub-titled so maybe not as convenient as you’re used to, but bear with it and the surprise shock at the end. It’s well worth the wait. Much like previous war stories this is a story of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

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IanNo Gravatar

Kevin, When he came to the stage at the end I gasped with emotion. It was a very powerful moment.

KevinNo Gravatar

A powerful story in its understated message–the ordinary can and does deliver up the extraordinary.

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