Imagine Your Grandmother

Tweet The Old, Young and in Colour In watching this Kodak Kodachrome Film Test from 1922 I couldn’t hep but reflect on all these beautiful women youthful and in natural colour in ways that we are not used to seeing people from the ’20’s. What if one of these gorgeous young things was your Grandmother? […]

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First iPhone 4 Movie Shows What is Possible.

Tweet I’ve mentioned several times that it’s due to the wonderful digital technology that has evolved in the last few years that we are now able to create quality audio recording of our lives.  Just a couple of podcast episodes ago I mentioned that the very technology for you to record an audio Life Story […]

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A Picture Needs a Thousand Words

Tweet You’ve heard the saying “A picture says a thousand words”.  That however is only when you know about the image within context. This image to the left is a ? (the answer is at the bottom of this post) Without context it could be one of many things.  That’s the very reason we have […]

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