1+1=3 Makes a Great Story

Tweet Master storyteller Ken Burns gives us his thoughts. Ken explains great stories are about 1+1=3. I remember hearing years ago from Edward de Bono about great jokes taking you down an obvious path only to give you a realisation of something unexpected. What Ken is saying here is the same. A story has to […]

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Your Story Tips – Helping You Tell Your Story

Tweet Quick tips for helping you with you storytelling. Now that we have so much content here at Create Your Life Story it’s easy to be overwhelmed when really it should be simple and easy. I’ve started a series of short form tips to help you record your life, one small story at a time […]

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This Life Story Deserves to be Share with the World

Tweet My father the forger Here is another of the wonderful TED talks that shows the power of storytelling not only to get a message across but also to have the emotional impact. My favourite quote from the talk. “In one hour he could make 30 forged documents. If he slept one hour 30 people […]

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Episode 59 : Smash and Mash Your Life Story Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:33 — 41.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSTweet Make your Life Story more than the sum of the parts Once you start digging into it, your live can seem like an archaeological expedition. There are just so many things that you can start to bring to surface to help […]

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What Story Got You Out of a Tricky Situation?

Tweet Sometimes a great story will help you to get away with anything. Although all tongue in cheek this shows the power of a good story even if it’s only to sell something 🙂

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