Recording Your Life Story for all History

The everyday stories of human history are being recorded today. One of the greatest history shows I know of, be it television, radio, text or new media is the extraordinary Dan Carlin’s Hard Core History. If you want to go deep, not just into the facts but start thinking of some of the other issues of […]

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This will Reveal Your Essence

Sum Up Your Life in Six Words A Life Story has a theme… All good stories do. Think of someone, anyone and think of the theme that sums them up. The Dalai Lama, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Armstrong, just a few famous people that you would probably have a general thematic opinion of, that you feel […]

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Sharing Your Life – Unlike Your Grandparents

Imagine Discovering your Grandparents Life. [flattr /] Imagine finding a neglected box of old 78 rpm records covered in dust sitting in the attic.  Imagine wiping them off and placing them on a gramophone.  Then as you play those records you hear your grandparents voice speaking to you, across the decades, telling you of their […]

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How to Record a Life Story

Recording Life Stories free e-Book is the perfect introduction to the ideas of recording an audio Life Story and then how to publish and share with family or the world.

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Something to Say?

Well, have you? Sure you have, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have something to get off your chest or something that you want to say. I’m sure you have things to share with the world or at least stories that would fascinate  your family. That’s what this site is about, this is a […]

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