Thanks for Joining Create Your Life Story

I just want to say, “Thanks for signing up to receive the free e-Book Recording Life Stories.”

You’ve signed in with your email but really I have no idea who you are and where you’re from.  One thing I do know is, you have an interest in Life Stories in some form or another.

Thanks for joining Create Your Life Story


The link to download the e-Book is on its way to you now, if you don’t already have it, so while you’re waiting, to help me understand what you’re hoping to get from Create Your Life Story I’d love if you could fill out this quick survey now.

(Ensure your email application, Particularly Gmail, doesn’t place emails in the spam/junk folder)

After having a good look, I’ve found that Create Your Life Story is unique on the internet. As yet I’m not sure of the desires of people like you, so your input will literally guide me in understanding what people feel is relevant. To that end, please feel free to send me an email to help explain any aspects of yourself or your opinions on what you see or hear on Create Your Life Story.  Later after you have been through the e-Book I’d appreciate, if you could fill out a second survey to explain what you thought of it.  I’ll use this to guide me in future edits.  There is a reminder link in the back of the Recording Life Stories e-Book.

Allow me to be honest…  I don’t come from a publishing or audio background.  My goal is to produce the very best content that I’m capable of.  However, working without any feedback, I may be missing the mark from time to time. Your responses in whatever form, from comments on the site, in iTunes, on the before or after e-Book surveys, a direct email or even a quick tweet helps to guide me towards quality.

It’s just as good to know if I’m getting it right as being given a nudge in a new direction. You may even have an idea for content that I would never have considered. I would love to know those ideas, we never know where they may take us.

So again, allow me to say welcome.  I have many ideas and I know more will continue to evolve as I receive comments from you.  Eventually I want to create a community where we can interact with each other and share ideas and stories but that is for later.  I’ll let you know from time to time on the podcast and via a personal email how things are developing but don’t be concerned, you won’t be deluged with emails filling you inbox.

Lets see where this goes.
Thanks for coming on board.

Ian 🙂

P.S. If you have any understanding or usability issues with the site please let me know so I can rectify them immediately.

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