More Hindenburg Audio Editing Tips for Your LifeStory

by Ian

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Go a little deeper with Hindenburg without getting in the way of the story.

Great Stories at TransomHindenburg is, I feel the best and simpiest audio editing software specifically for voice for us that is available. You can try free trial version for 30 days but after that it’s no longer free unlike other editors such as Audacity and Garageband but what Hindenburg gives you is simplicity without being bloated with all the elements needed for music production.

When it comes to editing audio for your Life Story biography there is nothing in the market place better but don’t take my word for it as Jeff Towne of says:

Hindenburg editor

Easiest Editor – Hindenburg

“We liked Hindenburg upon its debut, it’s gotten significantly better in its first year, and it promises to improve even more… The program’s insistence on keeping things simple and efficient can feel alien to the Pro user who is used to looking under the hood and tinkering with every little thing, but surrendering a little control, and letting the auto-level, voice profiler, and other automated routines do their thing, can prove to be a very efficient way to work.
But the main appeal of both versions of the software is the focus on simple solutions to the things that audio storytellers need to do. As it turns out, you can make great-sounding productions without tweaking every fade for an hour, without creating complicated mixer-routings, without stacking 17 plug-ins on every channel. As the company’s slogan says: It’s all about the story.”

I’ve said in the past how great an editor Hindenburg is for voice and audio stories but read what Jeff thinks to get a bigger overview from one of the great organisations in the world of radio production

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