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Samson Zoom H1 the Perfect Personal Recorder

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Back in Episode 5 we were talking about different audio recorders and ways of capturing audio to export to your editing software.  Since then Samson has released a new product to extend it’s range of audio recorders to include what I think is a perfect portable audio recorder for our needs.

Hand-y Recorder

Previously Samson have produced the prosumer Zoom H4 to be recently replaced with the Zoom H4n.  A tough professional piece of kit that will take a variety of different microphones through the ¼” and XLR sockets in the base additional to the built in microphones.  The Zoom H4 that I’ve had for three years is my standard workhorse for field recordings and I love it.  The upgraded H4n is an improvement all round and something I would love to also have.

Just Press Record

A while back  Samson brought out the Zoom H2 which looks and is sized like an electric razor.  I know people who have this and for field recordings of conversations it’s a great piece of gear.  External microphones can only be input through the ⅛ jack rather than the more profession system used in the H4.

Now Samson have released the Zoom H1.  This recorder is a slip in your pocket personal recorder with the same great built in microphones and ⅛ socket for use with an external microphone if required.  It has a small monitor speaker for reassuring you that you have actually recorded the audio and a jack to plugin headphones if you want.  The simple single record/stop button on the front is a no fuss, always ready to record system, making sure you capture a recording with the minimum of fuss and therefore the minimum chances of making a mistake.  The side controls remind me of the old thumb controls on the early dictaphones and I’m sure that once you’re familiar with them you could easily use them without looking.

All the Controls for Simple Recording

There are options for either WAV and MP3 encoding meaning stunning quality with WAV or days of recording time with 48Kbps MP3 depending on requirements,  all powered with a single AA battery for up to 10 hours.  The H1 stores audio on a supplied 2GB micro SD card, but can accept micro SD media as large as 32GB. Transfer recordings back to your computer using the built-in USB 2.0 port, or a micro SD card reader.

The best thing about it is that it’s priced at $99US meaning that it is the cheapest quality audio recorder on the market for our use.  For excellent quality and ease of use, the H1 placed on a table with a tripod using the built in mics or add a lapel(lav) mic, I think this is the perfect audio recorder for capturing a conversation.

Shipping date is for the 30th July into the US.  I’m not sure on supplies and delivery here in Australia.

Mini SD card up to 32gb

Mini SD card up to 32gb

This will be my next purchase for a slip in pocket and carry everywhere audio recorder and great to augment my H4.

*Update – I now have the Zoom H1 and it’s every bit as good as I expected. Here is an episode if you want to listen to some sample audio of the Zoom H1 in a variety of situations.

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Marco RaaphorstNo Gravatar

Yes looking forward to check this one out myself. X/Y mics are nice for stereo image. I am now using an Edirol R09 HR, stereo image is not wide enough and mics are too sensitive to ‘spikes’ in signal.

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