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Memories of Your Life Story to lead to the Web Address!

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Have you thought of using of a Life Story card as the way of sharing your Life Story site. Your name, phone number and web address is all that is needed on the contact side of the card and the back can have a selection of individualised images for different times in life that can be handed out to people, reflecting how they fit into the life of the person.

Moo Cards are Awesome, Plan and Simple

I’ve just received my latest batch of business cards from Moo Cards today and I wanted to share them with you.

Last year when I discovered the multiple image feature on the back of Moo Cards I thought I would have to give Moo a chance to see what they could do for me. I simply got onto their site and started uploading images to use, then I composed the contact information on the front and before I knew what I was doing I had chosen the stock and I was ready to order. Too easy! Then the greatest surprise of all – The price! For the initial 100 cards I ordered I paid only $49. Shipped all the way to Oz!

Moo Life Story Cards

Your Story on the Back of Your Cards

This week I received my third batch of cards from them, this time 200 cards with 50 individual images on the back to help with creating some of those all important conversation starters when I hand them out. How long did they take to get from London to the other side of the planet here in Brisbane – 11 days, there is no complaints from me on that.

Moo Cards is a UK printing firm  based  in London producing a range of products including custom MiniCards which are a great alternative to the larger Business Cards shown here but still with all the same features.

What I love about Moo Cards are:

  • Up to 50 Individual images on the backs
  • Beautiful card stock
  • Easy ordering over the internet
  • Easy contact information layout design
  • Front graphics uploader if required
  • Great pricing
  • Fast delivery (even all the way to Australia :D)

This is the prefect way to mention and remind others about your new Life Story website and tell them of the audio that is sitting there for them to listen to and with the photo on the back it is all that much more personal.

I can’t recommend these guys enough, I’ve now ordered three batches off them and often when I hand out a card I have a strong positive reaction, so I’m happy to encourage all I know to use them. I’m so happy that I even went to the trouble to sign up for their affiliate programme, so if you use any of the links in this post or the ones on the Services Page I’ll get a small return from them for my efforts. This way we are all looked after, You, Me & Them…

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