Record a Life Story then make the Memoir into a Book

by Ian

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Another form of Life Story evolved simply from the audio you record.

Most people today are literate and it’s easy to think that we can take pen to paper and start to create a Life Story but the skill of writing a well structured thought through memoir is something that doesn’t just happen to most people. Like most skills to create a written biography that is entertaining and engaging requires guidance, discipline and talent.

To help with that process I have been saying why not take a step back and start with what we all do naturally everyday and what we have been doing for aeons by telling stories. Just, this time lets record it. As you know, that’s what Create Your Life Story is about and my goal is to get you started on that path to recording and eventually onto publishing the recording as audio for others to listen to.

Additional and subsequent to recording all those wonderful memories something worth considering is transcribing the now edited audio and re-editing the transcription into a format that will be an engaging read for those who additionally would enjoy reading how a persons life unfolds.

Recently I’ve meet Patricia Benesh who runs the site 7 Memories. On her site she has multiple resources including discussion subjects and hints that can be modified to help you with your audio recordings and services to aid you in taking your re-edited transcribed audio into a real book.Patricia Benesh

As she says:

I want to urge each of you to write your life story. Even if you:

  • don’t like to write
  • haven’t a clue how to begin a life story or memoir
  • don’t know how to retrieve information from the past
  • feel guilty about not writing your life story
  • She has advice to help you with all these points in the wealth of information on her site to help you with ideas, encouragement on technique on re-writing the transcript all the way to editing and publishing tools.  I encourage you to look through 7 Memories and discover what you can learn from her team and her about the art of writing and publishing a Life Story, I’m sure you will get a great deal out of her services.

    Let me know what you think.

    #Update – Listen to Ghost Writer Michael for some tips about recording and writing your biography.

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