Home Movies Show Your Life

by Ian

in Prompts, Video/Film

Home movies from back in the day.

For many years one of our uncles would pull out a video camera, hoist it onto his shoulder to video the new baby, bride or birthday.

Nowadays we all have a camera in the bag, our pocket or in our phone but once, having film of our lives was a rarety.

To prompt your memory here is a piece of footage from the end of an era of vaudevillian actors, where the movie stars of the day were dying out. In all their ageing glory, still goofing to the camera as they did during their hey day is Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Do you have footage from your life sitting in an old box just waiting to be shown to the grand kids. Maybe it 8 mm, 16 mm, video cassette or even the more recent digital formats.

Now that you can see Laurel and Hardy, consider for a moment your life as they are showing us in this footage their life. What can you do with the footage that is sitting in boxes.

  • Digital storytelling
  • Edit into a mini documentary
  • Inspiration for prompting topics
  • Reminders of times past

Using the footage that you have, can be just one small part of your entire Life Story project, augmented with text, still images and audio, all mashed together into a multimedia experience for others to watch and wonder.

Let us know what you have in the comments below

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