First iPhone 4 Movie Shows What is Possible.

by Ian

in Technology, Video/Film

I’ve mentioned several times that it’s due to the wonderful digital technology that has evolved in the last few years that we are now able to create quality audio recording of our lives.  Just a couple of podcast episodes ago I mentioned that the very technology for you to record an audio Life Story could be in your pocket residing in your mobile phone.

Well here is a case in point with the latest incarnation of the iPhone 4 including the 5mp camera and iMovie for editing.  Sure this is video and we all know how much more work is in video compared to audio but this is a superb example of how the technology is evolving

Granted you can see by this example that you still have to have the ‘eye’ for video and storytelling to put it all together but remember – this has been produced in a Phone.

I can’t help but wonder where it will all go but one thing is for certain, it will keep moving and it will continue to easier for all of us, no matter our skills to capture stories in one form or another.

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