Manhatta – Time Travel to 90 Years Ago

by Ian

in Technology, Video/Film

Mundane life today is the fascinating story for tomorrow

Now, after a significant period of time, (in this case more than one lifetime), we have the chance to see people, long gone in daily activities that they took for granted.  We have the chance to look through a portal back in time.

As is always the case, new technologies may be marvelled at for what it achieves but the greatest reward of recording technologies like these is to permanently capture the mundane.

Put on some headphones and revel in this visual and aural experience

We only have recordings like these for a little over 100 years – Just imagine what it will be like when these images are one, two, five hundred years old. Imagine if we could see similar images of our ancestors dating back hundreds or thousands of years.

The mundane today is the fascination of yesterday and each of us is recording some of it for future generations.

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