Real Time WWII – It’s Our Lives as They Live Them.

by Ian

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Real time History Lessons will give you real understanding

History is the past!  That’s obvious, and it’s that disconnect from us that makes history seem so cold and irrelevant. But what if you could travel in a time machine to one of those historical events?

For months now I’ve been following on Twitter @RealTimeWWII. This is a tweeter stream of WWII in real time, to the hour, 72 years ago. What I’ve found amazing is to start to feel an appreciation of what was happening in ways I’ve never perceived before. We have the advantage of knowing how WWII unfolds but as you read the tweets or the Facebook feed it’s a little easier to put ourselves in our ancestors shoes, in fear the outcome of the war.

Here is the author Alwyn Collinson explaining why and his motivations for creating this feed.
Check it out if you want to get a feel for the past in ways I’ve never seen before. It’s awesome!

Alwyn Collinson: ‘Realtime World War II’ from The Lost Lectures on Vimeo.

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