What Would a Young Mother Teresa Say

by Ian

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What would the young and old You say about your life?

The younger generations are often shocked to find that You, their older relative, was once young. Even those who were there with you, who were also young with you, may have forgotten what you were like. When you were vibrant, strong and beautiful, when you had that spark of youthful exuberance in your eye and a look to the glory that was sure to unfold for you in the future.

Look at these two photos and imagine the stories that each woman would tell…
The young woman would talk of the dreams and hopes of herself and the people in her life, the older woman would talk of the times of her life, the trials and achievements. Each parenthesising the one life. After all they are the same person, just at the start and end of her life.

Young and Old Mother Teresa

Both of them would have had interesting things to say

When you look at these two women you see two different life stories. One yet to evolve, the other nearly completed. Both stories tell a lot about the person and the times she lived through, just from different perspectives.

  • Do you have photos from your youth?
  • What would that young You say about life, of what is hoped for and expected.
  • Reach back through the years and offer a word of advice to that other You,in that old photo?

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