Site Tips

Here is a video to explain all the aspects of using this site.

This page is to help you understand how to use the basics of this site so you can:

  • Make a comment on a post
  • Play and listen to a podcast episode
  • Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes
  • Subscribe to the site content in a RSS feed reader

To make a comment on a post ensure that you are on the post and not on the front page. To get to the actual post click on the title of the post, on “Read Rest of Post” or “click to continue”.  Then add your name, email address(the email is only to avoid spammers and I won’t share it with anyone) and web address if you have one, followed by your comment.  Click on the check box if you want to stay in the conversation regarding the comments for that post.

If you sign up for a Gravatar with an email address and continue to use the same email address on all further comments it will generate an avatar image beside your comment to add a little personality to your comment.

*An avatar is a small online image used to represent yourself.

To play a podcast episode click on the play button on the player. It will automatically start downloading to the player and playing. Click the button again to pause. A volume control is to the right of the player.

Subscribe to the podcast to receive it for free directly into your iTunes by clicking on any of the links at the bottom of a post or on the image in the sidebar. These links also take you to the iTunes store to make a comment to help others know your thoughts on Create Your Life Story. If you use other Podcast software to iTunes Get the feed here.

To receive the content of the site as a RSS feed for use in a feed reader such as Google Reader click on the RSS button at the top of the sidebar. To help you understand how and what RSS is here is a video to help clarify.

Internet: Useful Tips:
RSS In Plain English

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