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It’s been some time (five years in fact), since CYLS was active. I’ve kept it so, as there was a lot of interest in what I’ve created here and I wanted to allow any opportunities to come my way if there was someone out there who had an idea of how I could make this project more viable. That hasn’t happened and now five years later,it’s time for me to slowly put this project to bed.

In the short term this site will remain but it’s copied over to a site and all the audio is archived on This way the content is still available but when I eventually let this URL and site go, at least all the hard work and content will remain.

So if you’re here reading and listen? Thanks. But you may want to note the links to the new collections so if you return or if you’re looking at this on the WayBack Machine you’ll know where to go.


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If we don’t feel it now, why stress out?

How to tell the most important and difficult story possibly in all of human history, after failing for 30 years, is the task The Guardian is taking on in their podcast series The Biggest Story.

It’s not just about the facts. They’re out there and in mountains of published scientific papers and data. It’s about engagement with the public, an uneducated public because even if you know many of the facts about Climate Change, even if  you’ve completed many years of study, you still don’t the full complexity of data associated with the topic.

I’d suggest you listen to the full series of The Biggest Story but the most important aspect is to engage with  the public’s psychology. How people think and deal with something which seems intangible and distant when there’s more pressing daily worries to consume their time and energy.

This is about how best to tell the story of Climate Change!

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Here’s why we should capture all Life Stories

People wait, people procrastinate, people make excuses but most of all people don’t take the time to really consider the stories in the lives of those around them. It’s only once you start asking the stories start to come out.

Christian & His Gran

Try not to feel inspired and a little touched by this story.

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It’s been a great experience but time to move on.

It’s now been 2.5 years since I started Create Your Life Story but really the story goes back to 2006 when  I discovered podcasting and spent the next couple of years learning how to produce my other podcast at Your Story. Very soon I realised I needed to find a business model to continue, so I learnt from the internet & content marketers all about finding a niche and selling to it.

In order to pull that off I had to find something in sync with my passion and ethics, which is where recording my uncle’s Life Story gave me the idea of teaching the same to others with Create Your Life Story. It was a great mix as it satisfies my interests and I know I’m doing good for the community and maybe I can make some income if I produce a quality product.

It’s been a great ride.

Over the course of the last 2.5 years I’ve produced:

  • 200 posts of educational content somewhere in excess of 100,000 words or equalivant to 3 novels
  • 72 podcast episodes – Close to 40 hours of audio
  • 2.5 hours of instructional video
  • 3 self-published E-books

This is still the best content on the internet to help people know how to produce a personal (audio) biography of yourself or someone else. There is nothing that even comes close but that doesn’t mean I’ve been a commercial success.

It’s about community.

Old media feeds the public information and entertainment as incitements to sell You as the product, to the advertisers. There is no need to communicate with the old media producer other than an occasional letter to the editor as really you’re not at all important to them, the advertisers are!

I’m not the old media, and neither are all the hard working new media producers out there on the internet.  I’m someone you know or yourself, working from home, wanting to help and make a difference, but without feedback it’s like working in a vacuum and screaming into the void and only possible for a period of time without some return of energy. Now, I didn’t expect a huge interaction with the greater world and I knew things wouldn’t happen overnight but it’s only possible to keep up the enthusiasm needed to create quality content for so long before it feels like no one is listening. [click to continue…]


Episode 72 : Kevin Farkas’ Social Voice Project. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 48:41 — 34.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSA Social Voice for your Community. Now with the modern digital age it’s even easier for people around the world to keep the stories of a lifetime alive long into the future for others to hear, read and see. One person I’ve meet […]

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Real Time WWII – It’s Our Lives as They Live Them.

Real time History Lessons will give you real understanding History is the past!  That’s obvious, and it’s that disconnect from us that makes history seem so cold and irrelevant. But what if you could travel in a time machine to one of those historical events? For months now I’ve been following on Twitter @RealTimeWWII. This is a tweeter stream […]

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1+1=3 Makes a Great Story

Master storyteller Ken Burns gives us his thoughts. Ken explains great stories are about 1+1=3. I remember hearing years ago from Edward de Bono about great jokes taking you down an obvious path only to give you a realisation of something unexpected. What Ken is saying here is the same. A story has to have […]

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Episode 70 : Corralling Information to Collect then Share Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:56 — 20.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSCollect the content, then share your project! You need content for a Life Story project. Not just the content you’ll generate yourself in the recording or the shoe box of old photos you have stashed under the bed. You also need that […]

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Episode 69 : Sounds of Your Life Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:11 — 31.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAudio as prompts & atmosphere for your personal story! The most obvious audio you have, will be the recorded conversation and the most obvious prompts for getting that audio are questions. But there are other types of prompts, including audio. When editing […]

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Watching Growing Up – Birth to 12 years

Like a bud unfolding in time-lapse to a flower. I speak often of not only the importance of recording a retrospective of your life but also capturing a life story as it’s live. There are many ways. Here is another…

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It Started with Bill, Now for Him it’s Over

Today my favourite uncle passed away. It started with Bill, …this site I’m talking about. It was after sitting with him for a week recording his humble but (for his family), interesting Life Story that motivated me to want to share these techniques with you. What his six hours of audio has given my family […]

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A single powerful memory brought to life

Their voice – like a ghost from the past In 2001 my sister died in a horse riding accident, a terrible tragedy for my family but one of those life events we all have to go through from time to time. Some days later I called her mobile phone number and heard her saying that she […]

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Your images will be look on with wonder one day

Capture today to surprise people tomorrow. Like Ninety-six-year-old Rebecca Lepkoff who’s been taking pictures of one New York neighborhood her entire life you too have images that you’ve been capturing that will one day be looked on in wonder. As you watch this video realise that future generations will see what we’re all creating today […]

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Your Story Tips – Helping You Tell Your Story

Quick tips for helping you with you storytelling. Now that we have so much content here at Create Your Life Story it’s easy to be overwhelmed when really it should be simple and easy. I’ve started a series of short form tips to help you record your life, one small story at a time using […]

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Episode 68 : Cheap Audio Transcription for Writing Your Life Story Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:20 — 31.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSTranscribe your audio biography for as little as 20€ per audio hour and help people around the world. A biography is not a book. A biography is a recorded story of someone’s Life Story using any system that is appropriate. But a biography […]

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