Episode 65 : Talking to Family and Really Hearing their Stories

by Ian

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Christmas and a time to connect with family

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Christmas and the holiday time that we have at this time of year, is often about family, catching up and talking about what has been happening over the past year. In this episode of Create Your Life Story I want to urge you to spend time with your family members to ask those interesting questions to understand and show your interest in their lives.

Normally we’re too busy with our lives to ask about their’s, but when we’re on task to record their life story we change our attitude to one of interest in them. Why not try the same during this time when you get together for these seasonal gatherings?

In doing so you’ll give them the opportunity to be heard in ways that people rarely are and what a wonderful to gift to give someone, that of being genuinely heard for a change.

Ask and listen

Thank-you from Ian

On a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone in this little community that we’ve here at Create Your Life Story and all the connections that we’ve made over the last 18 months. I get a great deal of satisfaction from producing this content and sharing it with you but the rewards often come from hearing of how you’re using this information to help you create the Life Stories in your own life.

Merry Christmas everyone! Please feel free to make a comment below.


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